July 2011

Message from the President

Dear Chamber Members,

First and foremost I would like to THANK everyone that was involved helping at the Hundo and Bailey Day, donating countless hours of volunteering and providing extraordinary effort to make this big event a great success.

Even though the events went smooth and without any major incidents, we were understaffed by a bunch. In order to improve the situation for next year's event, the board is conducting a survey and hopes to get feedback from all members. As most of the annual funding for our Chamber comes from Bailey Day we are committed to keep this special day going, however we need to figure out a way to get more help from everyone. While our memories are fresh we will discuss and brainstorm critical issues at our next general meeting.

I heard from several businesses that the Open Flag is bringing in more people and if anyone is looking to add a flag we still have a few extra ones.

In conjunction with the Conifer Chamber we have formed a new committee called 285 Tourism, and we are very excited to be part of it. If you have a business or general interest in helping promote the entire corridor, you are welcome to join the meetings held bi-weekly on Wednesdays at different locations. The committee is currently promoting events and things to do, hopes to bring more people to the area. A future plan includes an area map with all attractions along the 285 corridor. Please get involved, this is going to be a fun committee. Email me at info@aspenpeakcellars.com if you like to be part of it.

I hope everyone is having a busy and lucrative summer.

Until next month,

Marcel Flukiger
President Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce

Link to Flume Article Re: Bailey Day 2011

Highlighting Local Businesses


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Ralph Bell

Business of the Month


Cutthtoat Cafe is owned by James (Chip) Thomas, is located at 157 Main Street in downtown Bailey, Colorado. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from 5:00am-7:00pm Monday thru Saturday and 6:00am-7:00pm on Sunday. Hours may change to a later close time in the summer months. Cutthroat Café offers dine in, take-out, and patio seating.

Along with Hog Heaven and Rustic Station, Chip donated large quantities of food for the Destination Bailey sponsored dinner held Friday night before Bailey Day, June 17th. Dinner proceeds benefitted Destination Bailey. The community support these businesses have shown is greatly appreciated and deserves your patronage as often as possible. Feel free to visit Cutthroat Café to show your support.

P.O. Box 644 Bailey, CO 80421
Phone 303-816-5099

Fitness Tip

“I have no energy.” “I’m tired and exhausted” Does this sound familiar? What can you do about it? First things first. Are you really drinking enough water? Not coffee, not pop, not fruit juices, but water?

We have always heard “8 eight ounce glasses of water a day.”

What this says is that a 200 lb person should consume the same amount of water as a 100 lb person. Does this make sense?

Most people drink about 8-16 ounces a day. Fruits, vegetables and other foods do contribute, but plain old water is most important to gauge how much you actually drink.

Recommendations should be minimally half your weight in ounces. Add for altitude and climate. Yes, you will be going to the bathroom more often, but in time, that will slow down as you become more sufficiently hydrated.

Headaches and dizziness may be alleviated or eliminated just by doing this.
Water is required for all aspects of body functions.

Next is to eat some sort of lean protein every 3 hours or so with your meals. This helps to increase metabolism and spare the use of muscle (protein) as energy. If you do not eat enough protein throughout the day, you will literally cannibalize muscle for energy, thus decreasing metabolism. This may also help you to lose body fat.

Treat yourself well and you will have more consistent energy throughout the day.

Brought to you courtesy of Sam Moy of Bailey Massage and Fitness


Join us in the celebration of our 150th year as one of the 17 original Colorado counties. This event is free to the public and will include signage, posters and brochures telling our Park County history from the Utes to famous and interesting local people who were here. There will be period dressed interpreters to present our history at McGraw Historic Park on Aug 6 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Contact Dee Brown for more information at 303-838-6025


Chamber Businesses

Hog Heaven Bar-B-Que, Inc
Rod Ashby
63658 Hwy 285 Bailey, CO 80421
Rustic Station
Thomas Mitchell
1 County Rd 68 Bailey, CO 80421
Roxborough Custom Homes, Inc
Lynn Griffin
PO Box 564 Pine, CO 80470