July 2010

Message from the President

Chamber Members,

Coming down off a 7 day high as a result of how well the Bailey Hundo went I am looking forward to the Colorado Disc Golf championship and Bailey Day.

The first finisher in the Hundo did it in a little over 6 hours and 30 minutes. That is phenomenal. This year there were just over 150 riders and if it is done again next year there could be many times that number. With your help we can make this an attractive event to bring people to the Canyon for the race and in the preceding and following weeks to train and to just ride the open mountain trails.

The Colorado State Disc Golf Cham-pionship at Beaver Ranch and off of Rosalie Drive on July 10-11 will also bring in many people that can help boost our local economy and Bailey Day is a chance to show us off to whoever comes.

Have you volunteered to help made these events successful? If you get a chance please take the time to volunteer and get involved.
Visit our web site at www.baileycolorado.org

Bill Kulenburg
President Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce

Highlighting Local Businesses

Intermountain Humane Society: Good Things Come in Small Packages
By Rebecca Young, IMHS Communications Manager

We count our pets among the ―good things‖ that come in small packages, but too many of such thing can result in unwanted animals. For their sake, our community is fortunate to have a small, but good organization devoted to their protection.

Since 1982, Intermountain Humane Society (IMHS) has provided a safe haven for homeless animals in Park and southwestern Jefferson counties. To date we have helped 7,000 pets find their forever homes.

Those are significant numbers considering every penny to run our organization comes from voluntary donations. IMHS does not receive any government funding; our income comes entirely from donations, fundraisers, grants and adoption fees. An all-volunteer board of directors, a part-time staff and a roster of dedicated volunteers provide the administrative, medical and technical expertise to protect and improve the lives of the animals in our care. The center of all this activity is a small basement in Pine Junction.

Lack of space and tight funding makes ours a limited admission shelter. While some might see this as – well – limiting, IMHS has taken a perceived disadvantage and made it work to the animals’, and the community’s, advantage.

A good example is dog care. With no facilities for long-term housing, IMHS uses volunteer ― foster homes‖ to provide dogs companionship, training and exercise space. The shelter’s cattery can accommodate up to 25 cats where they benefit from individual attention from volunteer ― kitty care assistants.

Nowadays, everyone’s hard-earned dollar needs to work effectively. A donation to IMHS is an active investment in our community: when we take unwanted animals off our streets and provide them shelter we are protecting our families, our properties and our neighborhoods.

Go to www.imhs.org to see how you can help. Your support, whatever the size of the ― package,‖ will help IMHS to achieve ― good things for all.

July Business of the Month

Hog Heaven Bar-B-Que

Our Member of the Month for July is Hog Heaven Bar-B-Que. Rod Ashby launched Hog Heaven in 1993, serving up the best barbeque on the 285 corridor from an old railroad caboose. But the research began years before, with Rod's personally charted course to earning a sort of "Ph.D in Ribology." As a truck driver, Rod had plenty of opportunity to travel, to think and learn the secret of great barbeque. Rod would stop unannounced at barbeque places, introduce himself to the owner, share his idea and eventually depart with "the secret recipe." It wasn't long before demand for savory southern barbeque outgrew the little red caboose Rod found in Muskogee, Oklahoma, so Rod made the decision to expand and build a permanent building. The new Hog Heaven opened the end of 1999, and much to the delight of their customers, it's now open year 'round, six days a week. Special orders and Catering are also available with notice.

The Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Rod and Hog Heaven for their generosity in providing the delicious sides for the Bailey HUNDO post race party!

Hog Heaven is located at 63658 Hwy 285 Bailey, CO, 80421, 303-838-8814

2010 Colorado State Disc Golf Championships

Foothill Flyers Disc Golf Club (FFDGC) is proud to present the 2010 Colorado State Disc Golf Championships (CSDGC). This year's event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 10-11.

Two courses will be utilized for the event: Conifer Community Park DGC (Beaver Ranch) is an outstanding mountain disc golf experience and is currently ranked 5th best disc golf course in the world according to www.dgcoursereview.com . Bailey DGC is a little known gem that is highly coveted as it is only available to the public for special events and provides epic mountain disc golf with spectacular views and disc golf play.

World Champions and top touring Pro’s agree, these are two fantastic locations. Peter Shive, 9 time Senior Grandmasters World Champion had this to say:

"Both courses are beautiful. Bailey plays over a central wooded and elevated area that is surrounded by a more open and rolling plain. Beaver Ranch is very tight because of all the pine trees. The course is built into a rugged, forested ridge and there’s lots of elevation change. Both courses are demanding and require good physical fitness."

Kathy Hardyman, a 3 time Women’s Grand Master World Champion, says:

"Beaver Ranch and Bailey are both beautiful, classic Colorado courses. When people come to CO to play they want to see Colorado, not just another park, and these two are definitely Colorado. They provide lots of hiking, scenery, wildlife and fresh air. Personally, I prefer courses that are more technical and require skill, not just distance, and I can get that on these courses. Both courses will test your game and have you wanting more."

The CSDGC is one of the longest running disc golf tournaments in state history. This year's event will attract amateurs and professionals alike from all over the front range and the USA. A PDGA sanctioned A-Tier event, the CSDGC equates to a Major Disc Golf event and promises to have a fantastic players pack, big cash purses, and phenomenal prizes. With an anticipated 200 participants, this year's CSDGC may also break records for the largest state event ever! Kathy adds, ― Colorado States is a great chance for everyone from all over the state and country to come together for some good golf, good competition and good camaraderie. You may see people that you don't regularly see at tournaments and it's always a good time
for everyone.”

Come and experience the best that disc golf has to offer at this year's Colorado State Disc Golf Championships. Spectator admission is free and highly encouraged. Additional details for the event are available at http://ffdgc.net/ or search "Foothill Flyers Disc Golf Club" on Facebook.

FFDGC is dedicated to providing quality courses, events, instruction, and introduction of the great game of disc golf to the 285 mountain corridor communities (Conifer, Bailey, Pine, and Evergreen). The State Championships will be held Saturday and Sunday, July 10-11, 2010, Conifer and Bailey.

Contact David Poniatowski, at 303.944.6663 or foothillflyers-disc@gmail.com with any questions.

Calendar of Events

  • Bailey Day Planning meeting at 6:30p.m. at the Bailey Library
  • MRC Summer Camp: Painting Palooza
  • Destination Bailey Meeting
  • CO State Disc Golf Championships
07/10 – 07/18/10
  • Park County Fair
  • PCACC General Meeting
  • Bailey Day Planning meeting at 6:30p.m. at the Bailey Library
  • MRC Music Madness
  • MRC Summer Camp: Let's Go Camping
  • Bailey Day Planning meeting at 6:30p.m. at the Bailey Library
  • Bailey Day Planning meeting at 6:30p.m. at the Bailey Library
  • MRC Summer Camp: Splish Splash
  • PCACC Board Meeting
  • MRC Summer Camp: Splish Splash
  • Bailey Day 2010

Business Tip of the Month

5 Tips to Avert Disaster

Disaster strikes—rarely.
But, when it does preparation is what can save your business.

Safely store important documents.
Keep a portable and fire safe box with insurance documents, legal agree-ments and a back-up of your monthly financials.
Consider your insurance needs

Evaluate the level of life insurance, liability insurance and property insurance you need. If you have none and disaster strikes you may not have the cash you need to protect your business.

Establish a line of credit.
You do NOT have to use the line, but it's there for you to provide capital to bridge the disruption of a fire, flood, or theft of equipment. This is cash to be repaid that provides the
short-term buffer you made need.

Document key contacts and processes.
In a crisis, it pays to already have a plan in place for what to do next. It can be a massive manual or three pages. Just be sure you and your employees can answer the question—Now, what?

By Christine Banning, SCORE VP Marketing & Communications


2010 Colorado State Disc Golf Championships, July 10-11
Bailey Day, July 31st
Chamber Mixer, August 29 th
Bailey Day 2010

Bailey Day is just a few weeks away and we are still working out the very last details. The Bailey Day book looks great and is out for you to browse through and pass out to your customers. Our planning meetings are held at the Bailey Library at 6:30 and the upcoming dates are July 1st, July 15th, July 22nd and July 27th. (when you come make sure to park in the lower lot please!) Mark your calendar for the Bailey Day dinner on July30th on Main Street from 6pm to 9pm. Destination: Bailey! will be hosting a BBQ there will be live music and the beer garden will be open. Heath and Michelle from Kenosha Belgians will be there to presell tickets for Saturday's horse back rides. Dinner will be $8 for adults and $5 for children, come hungry and ready for some fun and we will have a great kick-off to Bailey Day!

Questions??? Call Carrie Marsh 303-838-0554 or Lynn Griffin 303-838-8437

Park County Fair

4-H Members through-out Park County have worked hard all year and would like to show off what they have learned as members of the various 4-H programs offered in Park County.

Some of the events being displayed or offered are:

  • Horse Shows
  • Dog Shows
  • Ranch Rodeo
  • Livestock Shows and Auctions
  • Crafts
  • Shooting Sports
  • Fair Dance
  • Kids Day

And MUCH, MUCH more!!!! The Park County Fair is held in Fairplay from July 10th—July 18th.

Chamber Businesses

Pine Country Feed
Kathryn Huffman
Delwood Square Liquor
Jan Hazelbaker