January 2011

Message from the President

Chamber Members:

Welcome to a new year. With the 2010 behind us we can look forward to 2011. I Hope we can build on the success we had with Bailey Day, The Bailey Hundo, and the Colorado Disc Golf Championships. Bringing people to the mountains is one way we can maintain businesses in the area. We offer bountiful outdoor recreation and these 3 events showcased our environment. I would request that every one get involved in supporting these events and let our Colorado neighbors’ come and visit us.
Your involvement will ensure the success of the businesses and the Chamber in Platte Canyon.

Bill Kulenburg
President Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce

Message From the Special Events Coordinator

Chamber Members:

I wanted to thank everyone one more time for all the help that I received throughout 2010 with all of the Chamber events. We had a busy year with the Quarterly Mixers, the bike race, Bailey Day and all of the other activities that took place in the Platte Canyon Area. Whether you helped with planning, parking, were a day of the event volunteer you helped. There are too many of you to thank individually, but you know who you are and so please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all of your wonderful contributions in 2010. You gave of yourself to our community and your sacrifice made a difference.

Lynn Griffin

Highlighting Local Business

Rocky Mountain Computer Services is a local company offering Professional and Managed Computer Services for small businesses. Through these services you can have the support you need without the cost and overhead of an internal computer department!

Vic Blatzer of Rocky Mountain Computer Services brings over 30 years of experience in the computer industry to our mountain communities. Through Vic’s experience and exceptional customer service he proudly works towards the goal to dramatically reduce your total cost of technology ownership and dramatically reduce your technology-induced stress level.

We understand when your computers, servers and/or network are not functioning properly; your business is losing money! This very reason is why Rocky Mountain Computer Services has designed our Managed Computer Services to proactively monitor your computers, servers and networks to identify problems and address them before they cause problems for your business. We believe that your IT infrastructure should be a profit center for your business, not a cost center.

You deserve fast, affordable, professional support! Our wide offering of Managed and Professional Services provide you
experienced IT Support to maintain and protect your business. You CAN get all the computer/network maintenance and support you need for one low, fixed monthly rate without surprises, hidden costs or the expense of having a full time IT Staff!

Vic Blatzer 720.250.7792

January Business of the Month

The Shawnee Tea Room

Our Member of the Month for January is The Shawnee Tea Room. The Chamber Board would like to thank Barbara Behl proprietor of the Shawnee Tea Room for hosting the Chamber’s Holiday Mixer. Barbara’s hard work and hosting excellence made this event a complete success. We are grateful to her and recognize her as this January’s business of the month.

Please visit The Shawnee Tea Room at 56048 N Frontage Rd, Shawnee, CO 80475, on the web at www.shawneetearoom.com, via phone at 303-816-0000/303-880-8193 or via email at teashawnee@aol.com.

Firness Tip

Happy New Year everyone!

Was getting in better physical condition one of your resolutions? Eating right? Spending more time on yourself?

Hopefully you have already begun your program while you were waiting for the New Year or actually started it right after New Year’s Day. If not, there is no time better than the present. So, get going, little by little.

1. Find some activities to enable you to move that body more than you do now.
2. Start thinking about food as fuel more than you do on how good it tastes (that’s a tough one, but achievable).
3. Treat your workouts as a game or just a fun activity.
4. Share your new life with a friend(s) or family member(s).

Usually, eating better is the more difficult aspect of being healthy. Just because you eat “healthy” does not mean you are healthy. Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are great. Unfortunately if carbohydrates are your main staple, this will cause you to lose muscle mass and gain body fat.

Eating foods that you are allergic to, cause you to “bloat”, or give you some kind of negative feelings (gastric reflux, coughing, etc.) will usually cause an increase in body fat as well. Why? Simply put, you will not digest these foods very well, if at all and your body will not get much of the nutrients, thus causing you to fall intostarvation mode. This is a condition where the body stores as much fat as possible because it is not getting enough nutrients at the right times. Muscle is made of protein. Not enough protein to support muscle and you will lose it.

So, eat to make your body feel good. Focus on the positive.

Have a Healthy and Happy New Year

Brought to you courtesy of Sam Moy of Bailey Massage and Fitness 303-816-1945

Business Tip of the Month

5 Tips to Get a Good Mentor

  • Think about the end result. Let your mentor know what advice you want for success. Do you need advice on managing cashflow or a mentor to help keep you energized and motivated? Both are good. Be clear.
  • Be prepared. Share a snapshot of your business today. Share goals, so your mentor has a picture of your dream for success. Then, ask questions and listen for great ideas.
  • More is better. Develop a network. No one person has all the answers. Not you, your CPA, your mentor.
  • You may want a mentor for business planning and a mentor for finance and cashflow.
  • Cash is king. Good cashflow is important especially at start-up and growth stages. Always, be wary of economic slowdowns. A mentor can help you plan a collections policy, make plans for a line of credit and project cash flow based on sales.
  • Seek industry expertise. Find a mentor who can address industry specific issues. Get a mentor.
By Christine Banning, VP Corporate Relations SCORE.

Boys and Girls Club

As many of you know, the Bailey Extension of the Boys & Girls Club closed after the 2010 summer program, due to lack of funding. Recent stories in the Flume and High Timber Times have explained this dilemma. The Advisory Board for the Bailey Club is fervently trying to raise funds so we can reopen this valuable resource for our children. Several of the folks on the Advisory Board got the Bailey Drop-In Center started.

As you may remember, the Bailey Drop In Center was started in the aftermath of the Platte Canyon High School hostage situation and shooting in 2006. Emily Keyes will forever be in our hearts and memories since that day. This crisis made it crystal clear that we needed a place for children in our com-munity with trained staff and activities so our kids are not home alone, especially with the long commute most of their parents have to and from work.

Just over a year ago, in order to strengthen and expand this resource, the Bailey Drop In Center merged with the Boys and Girls Club of Park County to start the Bailey Extension. Thanks to this collaboration, the Bailey Extension grew to providing over 100 children a safe place to go and healthy, research-based programs to help the children in our community learn and grow.

Now, due to a lack of funding and the need to find a permanent, year-round location, the Bailey Extension of the Boys and Girls Club has had to temporarily close. The Advisory Board, which has been active since the inception of the Bailey Drop In Center, is very actively seeking needed funds in addition to a permanent location for the Club. This is a very critical time where we need the support of our mountain community. We need local businesses, civicgroups, individuals, families and homeowners associations to step up to the plate and say that we all care about our kids and their safety.

Please help us to help our kids! Financial contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated to reopen our Bailey Club. (Note “Bailey Extension” in the memo on any checks.) If you know of anyone else who may help us with this cause, let us know! We do want supporters to know that if, for any reason, that the Bailey Club is unable to garner enough support to reopen, that funds will go to help the very important South Park Club, so either way, the children will benefit from your tax-deductible donation.

Would your business or civic group be willing to host a fund raiser? Would your church be willing to have a "Second Collection" for this? We have until the end of February to raise $20,000 for a matching grant from the Corporate Boys & Girls Club. If we cannot meet that goal, Bailey will no longer have this valuable resource. We have 5% of the money at this point.

More info can be seen on Pinecam.com: www.pinecam.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=123572

Thank you so much for your time and consideration of this request. Together we CAN make this happen.

For questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, and with thanks,
Mary Sasser 303 838-2781


Calendar of Events

PCACC General Meeting held at the Platte Canyon Fire Station at the Top of Crow Hill.

Active Parenting Teens at Mountain Resource Center

Discovery Time Classes at Mountain Resource Center

PCACC Board Meeting

Think outside the blocks! Kids Block Play Night at Mountain Resour Center 02/01/11-05/21/11
Music and Me! At Mountain Resource Center

More Information about each of these events can be found on the Chamber website at www.baileycolorado.org
Just a Reminder: the Event Calendar on the Chamber website is a great place to post your organization upcoming events.

Chamber Businesses

Franie Bassett, CPA
Franie Bassett 303-816-9629
LCI Signs & Decorative Metals
Dave & Eileen Wortman 303-838-2326