February 2010

Message from the President

Hello Chamber Members!

New in the Chamber?

Members please visit our new web site at www.bailey-colorado.org. Many things are changing and the PCACC home page is one of them. On our home page there is a Chamber Calendar for Chambered sponsored events and a Community Calendar for Community events. The new web site makes available to all members their own chamber web site. There is a cost but it is only $40 for 2010. The web site is set up by our web host but you add the content. If you would like to see an example look up Lynwood Park in the member directory click on More Information in the box at the bottom left and you can see my PCACC web site.

The PCACC web site has many functions to support the Chamber and its members. The board is just learning what it can do. The $40 fee for the web site is very inexpensive, take advantage of it.

Bill Kulenburg
President Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce

General Membership Meeting Agenda February 9, 2010

7:00 and 7:15am doors will be opened for set up and socializing
7:30 Pledge
Greeting by President welcoming everyone.
Last month we had a presentation by Mark Dowaliby on the budget status of Park County. Today we will have a thinking exercise moderated by our own Paul Hood.
Business of the month - Mountain Spirit Counseling
Booster of the month - Tom, Kevin and SFA
7:32 Committee Reports
Special Events - Lynn G
Destination Bailey - Susan
Membership - Linda
Communications - Susan
7:45 Speaker/Presentation for General Meeting
Welcome Paul Hood of Mountain Spirit Counseling He is going to help us answer the Question: How does the Chamber promote businesses?
8:05 Evaluate proposals Identify the ten most popular
8:15-8:25 How do we implement the proposals. At least the top 3
8:30 Adjourn meeting
8:30-8:45 Socializing

Destination: Bailey! News

It's true! After months of hard work and the cooperative efforts of the Park County Community Development & Tourism Department, the Park County Historical Society, and, of course, Destination: Bailey! the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) awarded a grant of nearly $150,000 to develop the recreational facilities at McGraw Park. Those who contributed many long hours to preparing the grant application were confident they had done their best and would certainly win the grant…..but, they kept their fingers crossed just the same. As you might imagine, it took much more than "luck" to win the award! Congratulations to all who helped in this effort. And, most importantly, congratulations to the Bailey community for it is you who will reap the benefits.

Now that the grant has been awarded there are only a few contractual papers that need to be negotiated and signed before the money is available. Once the money is available, early next year, the "real work" can begin under the able management of the Park County Historical Society. Destination: Bailey! will continue to help in any way they can but, the task is left to others to bring to fruition.

So, what is the next project for Destination: Bailey! to tackle? That was the main topic of discussion at a recent planning meeting. There was certainly no shortage of ideas and many projects quickly rose to the top of the priority list. If you would like to help, there is always a seat at the table for good ideas and a willingness to help Bailey achieve its goal…a destination place where good friends meet.

Stay tuned folks…..Destination: Bailey! will waste little time celebrating. They have work to do and a passion to get it done.

(Details on the GOCO grant can be found on the Destination: Bailey! website www.destinationbailey.com)

Member of the Month

Paul Hood
Our member of the month for February is Paul Hood with Mountain Spirit Counseling. Paul has over 25 years experience working with addicted people and their families. He has been a practicing psychotherapist, marriage, family and child counselor since 1989. He has training and experience in many disciplines of psychotherapy and uses best from all to craft an individual approach tailored to the client. He believes in meeting people where they are, without judgment, and helping them find their solutions and their path to change. The Chamber Board chose Paul because of his offer to help mediate a monthly meeting at which the members will prioritize what they expect of the Chamber this year. He has offered his time wherever he is needed; a precious commodity, is time, and is valued by the Board. Paul can be reached for a confidential consultation at 303-838-8169 or PO Box 70 Bailey, CO 80470

Booster of the Month

Sweet Fanny Adams Restaurant and Irish Pub
The Platte Canyon Community thanks Sweet Fanny Adams Restaurant and Irish Pub for
hosting the recent Chamber mixer and welcomes Kevin O’Brien and Tom Mitchell, Kevin joined Karen Smart, proprietress of Fanny’s, as the Executive Chef in September, 2009. Tom joined Fanny’s as the Bar Manager in October, 2009. Their energy, experience and enthusiasm is evident to all.

“Karen Smart started Fanny’s and she’s worked hard,” said Tom. “Our goal is to relieve Karen of the stress of running this large operation by herself. We want to use our experience to fine tune the operations, and develop the business to its full potential as a restaurant, tavern, and entertainment venue and community resource.

Kevin has ‘wowed’ people with his and has had restaurants of his own. He worked as a Chef at the MGM Grand in Reno, as well as Executive Chef at the Airport Hilton in Denver and at the Embassy Suites in Denver. In fact, the Embassy Suites named their restaurant (O’Briens) after Kevin for five years while he was there

Tom Mitchell is also no slouch in the kitchen, though his current job keeps him in the front end of the restaurant. Tom has worked in the hospitality business for years, has run his own kitchens within other businesses and most recently was Executive Chef for Camp Santa Maria, between juggling the various jobs involved you’ll find him serving up beverages at the bar and engaged in good-hearted bantering with the guests.

SFA has wonderful live music every Friday & Saturday night, bluegrass, acoustic rock, blues, and jazz and Celtic. Performer Scott Bennett wrote, “Karen ensures that the food is excellent, that the people she works with are capable folks and good companions, and she really cares that the entertainment be entertaining.

SFA is located 2.5 miles SW of Bailey on US Hwy. 285, 303-816-9464 and check www.sweetfannys.com for scheduled entertainment.

Analysis of Survey

Last year the Board of Directors sent out a survey that many of you returned. The following is a summary of this survey:

The top priorities for the chamber in 2010 should be:
  • support businesses.
  • run the chamber like a business,
  • promote tourism,
  • make the canyon a place for people to stop and visit,
  • make businesses feel welcome.

Speakers (at general membership meetings) should be:
  • more business related.
  • motivational speakers should be business related.

What would attract you to becoming involved in workings of the Chamber?
  • make the chamber more productive,
  • if the Chamber actively helped market businesses in the area,
  • if the Chamber actively supported businesses instead of giving lip service.

What keeps you from being involved in the Chamber?
  • the chamber does nothing for my business,
  • the board appears to be resistant to change.

What would you like to see in the newsletter?
  • the newsletter needs to arrive before the general meeting,
  • send it out via Email
  • make the newsletter more informative; it looks too much like a TABLOID
  • profile one or two businesses each month.

What should the Chamber do for business?
  • promote businesses,
  • investigate the possibility for group insurance for workman’s comp and personal
  • promote businesses inside and outside the community.

Comments were:
  • How does the Chamber help store front and home owned businesses?
  • Can you link member web sites to chamber web site?
  • Identify community goals and needs.
  • I feel the chamber has little value now, yet I believe it can be a great association.
  • The future needs a clear direction and strong leaders.
  • The mission of the chamber has been lost thus it needs to be renewed.

With this information available to us some changes have been made already. We have a new web site at www.bailey-colorsdo.org. Go visit it! There is a lot more functionality in the new webs site that we are currently developing. There are some new board members and changes are in progress for the newsletter.

I propose that the February 9 general meeting. We spend time answering the question. How does the Chamber of Commerce help businesses? In an effort to make this a productive meeting I have asked Paul Hood of Mountain Spirit Counseling to moderate a brain storming and evaluation session of the suggestions to help give us direction.