August 2011

Message from the President

Dear Chamber Members,

I hope everyone had or will have a chance to take some time off during this summer to enjoy our gorgeous surroundings including the spectacular year for wildflowers. It's amazing how quickly time is going by when you are busy. Along with the Conifer Chamber of Commerce we are working to increase activi-ties to travelers and visitors along the corridor. The 285 Tourism committee has been formed and we are looking for a couple of enthusiastic members to represent the Platte Canyon Area in this great program on a regular basis. Meetings are every other Wednesday. Please let me know if you can be that person to help us out, or if you need more info. My work number is 303-816-5505. This weekend we also are excited for Park County, as it celebrates it's 150th year of existence. Thanks to the Park County Historical Society for organizing a wonderful festival at McGraw Park on Saturday the 6th, from 10am to 4pm. Hope eve ryone is able to go see the new Park and enjoy this great "Birthday Party". Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for the thoughts and good luck wishes that we have received after the barn fire at the winery. We are glad nobody got hurt and are sorry to have lost a special historical building. Our mixer on August 11th, 5-8pm is still going on as planned, however we will enjoy your company on the covered patio instead.

Make it a lucrative month.

Marcel Flukiger
President Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce

Aspen Peak Cellars & Clifton House Bed & Breakfast Still Open For Business!

Aspen Peak Cellars & Clifton House Bed & Breakfast Still Open For Business! You may have heard or seen the heartbreaking news that the event barn at Aspen Peak Cellars at Clifton House Inn was struck by lightening last night, and burned completely down. I am so thankful to report that Marcel, Julie, their beautiful daughter, Chantel, and their amazing staff are all okay. I stopped by this morning as Marcel was preparing breakfast for his guests, and his message was clear: they are thankful that they are okay, and the day-to-day operations have not been affected. Join them for lunch or dinner, music in the meadows each Sunday until Memorial Day from 2p – 5p, or stay at their cozy Clifton House Bed & Breakfast for a quiet retreat. Text provided by Dawn Smith (Conifer Chamber of Commerce)

Marcel and Julie Flukiger (303) 816-5505

Highlighting Local Businesses

Dynamic Properties of Colorado Realtor Sharon Been

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YOUR COLORADO REALTOR SERVING The 285 Corridor: Including, the Greater Denver Metro Area; Jefferson County: Arvada, Lakewood, Littleton, Evergreen, Golden, Morrison, Conifer; Park County: Pine, Bailey, Shawnee, Grant, Jefferson, Como, Fairplay to Breckenridge, as well as Douglas County: Littleton, Castle Rock, Parker, area.

Business of the Month

Park County Search and Rescue

Park County Search and Rescue ( is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to serving Park County, Colorado in the many facets of wilderness emergency. We are dispatched by the Park County Sheriff's Office and respond to approximately 50 calls per year, ranging from overdue hikers to technical rescues to out-of-county assists. Along with our primary focus on saving lives, we offer Wilderness Safety and Awareness education to the community through on site visits, Hug-a-Tree Presentations and our regular Tuesday night trainings in Bailey and Fairplay. These trainings are always open to the public and we welcome you to join us! If you'd like to join our team, become involved, or request a non-emergency service provided by PCSAR, please feel free to contact us or attend one of our Tuesday night trainings.

Please visit the link below to support PCSAR by signing up for their Disc Golf Fundraiser September 10, 2011 at 10:00am

Fitness Tip

Exercise is fun.

Yes it is. It is if you think it is. It can be like another hobby. Your health becomes your hobby or new activ ity you want to do. You will like it, you will feel good. You will move with more strength, power, and agility. It will make you feel alive, have more vigor, have good posture, and more. Just a little here and there may have you exercising more often than not, in time to come. Do this. Squat down as far as you can comfortably go, then stand back up and do it again. Add another repetition to it as you do it more often. When you’re stand ing by a table or by a counter, do a few pushups off the table/counter. Of course, do not cause yourself any pain, but do get to the edge of your comfort zone from time to time. A brisk walk after a meal is a good way to help keep you moving and also helps to keep off the extra pounds. Think positive about being better, feeling better, and thinking better. Exercise is fun. Really.

Brought to you courtesy of Sam Moy of Bailey Massage and Fitness


Join us in the celebration of our 150th year as one of the 17 original Colorado counties. This event is free to the public and will include signage, posters and brochures telling our Park County history from the Utes to famous and interesting local people who were here. There will be period dressed interpreters to present our history at McGraw Historic Park on Aug 6 from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Contact Dee Brown for more information at 303-838-6025

Summer Hiking Tips From PCSAR

Plan to be off mountain tops by noon during summer months to avoid lightning. Always watch for signs of an incoming storm, and turn back if necessary. Temperature drops four degrees for every 1000 feet of elevation gain. Be prepared with proper clothing, and watch yourself and your group for signs of hypothermia such as uncontrollable shivering, loss of coordina tion, confusion, and slowed speech. Don't hike or climb alone! Although cell phones can be good to have in an emergency, don't rely on them; a signal is not always available. The only cure for altitude sickness is to descend. Don't wait for it to become serious. Always carry a map and compass and know how to use them. A GPS can be useful, but is no substitute for planning and preparation. Pay at tention to planning your return route, and if you become seriously lost, stay where you are. Always carry the "10 Essentials" of backcountry travel. Carry a whistle too; it will travel much further than the sound of your voice. Teach your kids what to do if they get lost in the woods; stay put and blow a whistle. Summer Hiking Tips From PCSAR

10 Essentials To Have While In The Back Country

Map & compass - Some type of shelter - Extra food/water - Extra layers of warm and rainproof clothing - Headlamp or flashlight - Fire starting material - Sunblock & Sunglasses - First aid kit & Knife


An Herbal Body Wrap Party!
August 7th

Measurably reduces inches Is soothing & relaxing—a great way to carry nutrients (such as our blend of 27 minerals & herbs) into your skin Not only relaxes you but also pulls out toxins & fat, which release through the lymph system Is great for people with joint pain, joint issues, & sports injuries Learn a new way to refresh & nurture yourself, your friends, your sisters, or your clients.
Lunch & Learn Opportunity!

Marketer and professional writer Jo Ann M. Colton of JM Colton Communications will present a Lunch & Learn Workshop

Tuesday, August 16th from 11:30a—1:30p

At Conifer Community Church (by Aspen Park Hardware) 9998 S. Havekost Rd., Conifer, CO 80433

Cost is $25 and includes lunch. In simple terms, marketing is the commercial process that helps businesses transfer, by sale, their goods to consumers. Businesses with written marketing plans can wind up expending less time, and achieving greater results, for their efforts than those companies without such plans. A written marketing plan must describe how you propose to attract, retain, and expand your customer base in order to increase your company's bottom line. Although the document does not have to be elaborate in its composition, there are three key factors that are critical to creating an effective marketing plan. If you already have a written marketing plan, bring it along with you to the workshop. This hands-on session will provide an opportunity for you to assess your company’s current marketing plan. Likewise, if you don’t have a written marketing plan, the workshop can provide you with greater insight to creating a marketing plan that can help you maximize the success of your business.

RSVP to Dawn by August 12th: 303.838.5711 or
Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce

Calender of Events

Chamber Businesses

Shawnee Tea Room
Barbara Behl Special Event VENUE Proprietor
PO Box 193 /56048 Hwy 285 Shawnee, CO 80475
Kenosha Auctions and Events inc.
Rick, Kim & Rob
P.O. Box 544 Bailey, CO 80421
Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce
Dawn Smith/Executive Director
P.O. Box 127 Conifer, CO 80433