April 16, 2010
Bailey Hundo is a go
Tom Locke, Flume Editor

A 100-mile mountain bike race starting and finishing in Bailey has moved from dream to reality in a single month.

The Bailey Hundo is a go for June 19 and will involve 150 racers, members of the Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce were told in a meeting on April 13.

Not only that, but Bailey will share the hosting of the 2010 Colorado State Disc Golf Championship on July 10-11, which will bring about 200 disc golfers from all over the U.S., according to an announcement at the meeting.

The Bailey Hundo

Four volunteers representing the race appeared at the chamber meeting to talk about the 100-mile mountain bike race and distribute a press release at the meeting.

One of those volunteers was John Gerritson, who has led the cycling team at Platte Canyon High school and will be coordinating safety aspects of the race with the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District and the North Fork Volunteer Fire Department.

Is there any doubt the race will happen?

"There's no doubt," Gerritson told The Flume after the presentation. All the permits have already been obtained from the U.S. Forest Service, Park County and Jefferson County, he said.

This first year, the race is purposefully being restricted in size to 150, he said, in part so that the organizers can make sure they can handle it, including safety aspects of the race.

"The idea is not to have first-time beginners this first year," said Gerritson. The idea is to have a "very well-run, small race versus having something too big that we can't manage."

But after that, it might grow rather quickly.

"I could see it becoming a 1,000-plus participant race," he said.

This first year, the race is being billed as The Bailey Hundo: The Senators' Underground Invitational.

The "invitational" part of the billing refers to the fact that riders will be selected from a pool of applicants. Applications will be available at www.bailey100.com starting on April 19 and will be accepted until May 19, at which time invitations will be sent out, according to the press release describing the race.

The "senators" part of the name after the colon refers to a partnership between four Colorado state senators who are pushing the race: Chris Romer, whose family has a ranch in the Bailey area, Greg Brophy, Mike Kopp and Mark Scheffel.

After this first year, the part of the name following the colon will change.

Romer, in particular, has been spearheading the idea, and race director Noah Aptekar said at the meeting that Romer asked him to help get the race started. Also at the meeting were race volunteers Anna Parker and Ben Hauber, who spoke briefly.

Anna said that the Triple Bypass race through the Colorado Mountains has 3,500 participants and it sold out in 20-30 minutes this year.

"We need to put Bailey on the map, I think, and this race is a good way to do that," she said.

Park County Commissioner Mark Dowaliby, who was asked by Romer to help get feedback from the Bailey business people about whether they would support the race, said that "this is the kind of thing that really keeps mountain towns going."

Aptekar said that one of the purposes of the race is to get youth involved, and another purpose is to get money into building more bike trails in the area.

The race is designed "to establish the region as the premier Front Range mountain biking destination in Colorado, and promote the sport of mountain biking to at-risk youth along the Front Range, through a partnership with Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder and Platte Canyon High School," said the press release.

Gerritson said the course has the potential for being better than that of the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. With 30 miles of singletrack some two-track (jeep trail) and some road, it will "lend itself to the strengths of different riders," he said.

Leadville, on the other hand, has "at most, 10 miles of pure singletrack," he said.

The Buffalo Creek Trail System and the Colorado Trail both offer fine singletrack mountain biking, and Buffalo Creek in particular is highly ranked for mountain biking.

"What we have sitting back here is unbelievable," said Gerritson.

A map of most of the course (see map, Page 1) was shown at the meeting. The brief description of the course is that it will go from Bailey to Wellington Lake to South Platte to Deckers and back.

Gerritson said there are three downhill stretches where there might be some crashes, and at the end of each of those stretches will be emergency medical technician services that will be strategically placed.

He said that there will be no prize money for the 2010 race. The winner will get bragging rights and a really nice trophy, he said.

Disc golf championship

Dave Poniatowski, Bailey resident and president of the Foothill Flyers Disc Golf Club, said that his club will host the state disc golf championships at two locations: the Bailey Disc Golf Course and the Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course in Conifer, which is ranked fifth in the world. That ranking is according to www.dgcourseview.com.

There will be about "200 disc golfer who are going to be coming from all over the United States," said Poniatowski. "You're going to see probably about 500 people coming up here" to both Bailey and Beaver Ranch.

"This is a huge success for our club," he added. "We feel it is a big opportunity."

Sponsorships for businesses range from $100 to $2,000 and will be available for at least the next two months.

Promotional material from Foothill Flyers said that the 2010 Colorado State Disc Golf Championships on July 10-11 "promises to provide the World's best disc golf, a fantastic player's package, big cash purses and phenomenal prizes." And it may break records for the largest state event ever.

Rudy Gorke, another Bailey resident who is a member of the Foothill Flyers, told chamber members that disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in America, and the club's goal is to eventually have the world competition in the Denver area. It would include six to seven courses, including those in Bailey and at Beaver Ranch.

Financial, technical assistance for businesses

Gary Nichols, Park County director of tourism and community development, said he was encouraged by recent talks he has held with a group in Montana that might be willing to provide financial and technical assistance to businesses in Park County.

First, however, the group needs to see evidence that such a program is needed. Nichols said a similar program previously led to some small-business loans in the county but that program dissolved in 1999 because of a lack of interest. Because of a difficult environment for accessing capital now, Nichols thinks such a program might be popular today.

He provided chamber members with a needs assessment form for financial and technical assistance as part of his efforts to establish some evidence of whether such a program is needed.

Clean-up day

The Park County clean-up day for the Bailey area will be on May 1 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Duke Dozier property at the top of Crow Hill near the Loaf 'N Jug. Park County Commissioner John Tighe said that the clean-up day is for items that "you can't usually take to the dump," such as old sofas or beds.

Tighe said the clean-up days in the county help people comply with the county's land use regulations regarding junk, and three hefty loads delivered on clean-up day would provide enough savings to compensate for county property taxes.

Business presentations

Nancy Anderson, owner of Songbird Flowers, and Barbara Kae Webster, owner of Photography by Kae, provided presentations about their businesses.

Anderson said her flower business has changed its location at Pine Junction from the old log building to the new log building and has expanded its hours to Monday through Saturday. She offers silk flowers, hummingbird feeders and other items in addition to flowers.

Webster talked about her success in getting her photographs displayed in a number of locations.


The chamber will hold a mixer at Sweet Fanny Adams west of downtown Bailey on April 25 to benefit the Mountain Peace Shelter and the Troop Support Action Committee of community Web site pinecam.com.

TSAC spearhead Mike Quaintance noted that TSAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is nonpolitical. It has sent 16,000 pounds of goods to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq during the last four years.

It will be collecting snack items at the VFW breakfast on April 18.

The Park County Senior Citizens will be hosted by the seventh-graders of Fitzsimmons Middle School on May 12 at 1 p.m. Platte Canyon School District Superintendent Jim Walpole said seniors are invited. Replies can be made to 303-838-2054, extension 1400