Historic Bailey

This early photo of "Bailey's was taken before the D,SP&P Railway arrived in 1878. (Photo Courtesy of the Ted Kiercey Collection)
Edward and Blanche McGraw purchased land from William Bailey in 1878 and built the first section of what was to become the Bailey Country Store. Throughout its history this building has experienced numerous uses, including a theater, hotel, and US Post Office
The Bailey Country Store (lower left and Kiowa Lodge upper right) in the early 1900s (Photo courtesy of the Park County Local History Archives)
Known as "Hotel Beautiful", Kiowa Lodge in Bailey was one of the many grand lodges along this portion of the D,SP&P Railway, very few of which remain today.
Engine No. 9 sits on a keystone railroad Bridge in Platte Canyon (1879). A similar bridge now spans the North Fork of the South Platte River at McGraw Park. (Photo Courtesy of the Ted Kiercey Collection)
Several thousand Railroad bridges were built in America between 1840 and 1880. Among the survivors is a Keystone Bridge at McGraw park. Located down river, this bridge served the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railway until it went out of business in 1938
Helen McGraw is the little girl in the center of this 1917 photo. In 1969 she donated the land at McGraw Park to showcase Park County's historic buildings and provide a hiking and picnic area. (Photo courtesy of the Park County Local History Archives)